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Premium Wooden Box Framed Poster

Sale price€58,00 EUR



Made to order. Shipped within 1-5 business days.

Our premium box frames are made from solid ash, hand-stained and finished with a specialist wax to accentuate the grain.
Includes a Giclée fine art print 200gsm/80 lb matte paper.

  • Solid wood frame
  • Delivered ready to hang
  • 100+ year color guarantee
  • Frame specs: 20mm/0.79″ front face, 33mm /1.3" depth from the wall.
  • Thick Plexiglass provides a flawless protective safeguarding against damage

How to order our Premium Wooden Box Framed Poster?

1. Choose a product from our store.
2. Copy and paste the product title into the required field.
3. Complete the checkout process.
4. Sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

Premium Wooden Box Framed Poster
Premium Wooden Box Framed Poster Sale price€58,00 EUR

Perspex vs. Glass

Durability: Plexiglass/perspex is more impact-resistant than glass, making it less likely to shatter. Glass, while strong, can break more easily under impact.

Glare: Glass typically produces more glare than acrylic, making pictures harder to see in direct light. This is a common challenge for anyone who has tried photographing paintings in a gallery. Plexiglass/perspex, on the other hand, has less glare to further reduce reflections.

Clarity: Both materials offer high clarity, but glass typically maintains its clarity over time better than plexiglass, which can scratch more easily.

Cost: Plexiglass is generally more expensive than standard glass due to its enhanced durability and flexibility.

Applications: Plexiglass is often used in situations where safety and weight are concerns, such as in protective barriers and lightweight windows. Glass is preferred for its aesthetic qualities and long-term clarity, commonly used in windows, mirrors, and decorative items.

With & Without White Border

Our posters come in two options: with a built-in white border or without a border.

Opting for the white border will slightly reduce the image size, yet it can enhance the overall framed artwork by providing a sense of balance and proportion. This choice allows you to tailor the aesthetic and style to your preference.

Approximate white space width: 

  • Small poster sizes to 12x16" / 30x40 cm is 1.5" / 4 cm.
  • From 12x16" / 30x40 cm & above is 2" / 5 cm.
  • From 24x32" / 60x80 cm & above is 6 cm.

With White Border

No White Border

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